got tools? is an educational site only, so I don't accept advertising on the site.  However, I will suggest items of interests to readers if they are very useful, reasonably priced, etc.  Geological Tools and Outfitter, LLC at has some great quarry tools including some hard-to-find items like the 1/8 inch steel chisels.



Thin Chisels
About Geo-Tools  This is not your ordinary business.  It is run by the Gunther family who are serious collectors and researchers.  Lloyd, Val & Glade Gunther represent three generations of paleontologists who have greatly contributed to science for many decades.  Over their lifetimes they have donated thousands of specimens to schools, museums, and institutions.  They've written a number of books, magazine articles and technical papers.  They've discovered countless numbers of new species and have been honored to have more than a dozen named after them.  The Paleontological Society awarded the Gunthers the first Strimple Award, which honors outstanding contributions to science by non-academic persons.  I've personally dug with the Gunthers where we were all volunteering our efforts and findings to the Utah Field House of Natural History (Vernal, UT).

So, check out their website.  Maybe you will find some useful tools.  They also have tips on collecting and a great Gallery of fossil images.
[Created: 03/12/2003]
[Last Updated: 4/18/2003]