Mountain Traffic Jams
(The other type!)
Often in the mountains, I come across traffic jams of a "different" type.  I'm not talking about with vehicles, but other types of "traffic jams" that are unique to the mountains and NOT always an unwanted delay.

Yellowstone National Park "Traffic Jam" - Bison on road (Nov. '08, Wyoming)

(Video of the same day as above - Watch what happens at the end!)

Mt. Evans "Traffic Jam" - Bighorn sheep on road (Aug '09, Colorado)

Very Curious Bighorn at the Mt. Evan's "Traffic Jam" (Aug '09, Colorado)

Ouray "Traffic Jam" of horses.
There were originally 9 horses blocking this "only way out" US Forest Service Road.
(Aug '09, Colorado)

Flat Tops "Traffic Jam" - Sheep herd on road. (Aug '09, Colorado)

Mt. Evans "Traffic Jam" of people having a wedding on the hiking trail! (Aug '09, Colorado)

O.K. - There's the occasional "real" traffic jam too.
(Aug '09, I-70, Eisenhower Tunnel, CO)
[Created 9/21/2009]
[Last Updated: 9/21/2009]