Phonecrophobia: the fear of being killed by someone who is texting.

May apply broadly to a fear of death caused by someone texting, surfing the web, or even just talking on a cell phone while operating an automobile, plane, train, heavy equipment, etc. Word derivation: Phone (duh) and Necrophobia -
derived from Greek nekros (νεκρος) for "corpse" and -phob- for "fear".

Maybe the word should be Text
hanatophobia. Word derivation: Text (duh) and Thanatophobiathe more specific fear of death itself (rather than dead things), whether the state of being dead or the act of dying.

I decided to coin these terms (on 3/8/11) after numerous close encounters of nearly being run off the road and witnessing accidents caused by drivers texting.  I've even nearly been driven off the road in a car with someone who started texting.

Some Videos to Make the Point

WARNING: This is a very graphic public service film created to depict the ravages of using cell phones in cars.
Not for the faint of heart, but it will really hammer home the message.  If you're still texting and driving after watching this, there is really something wrong with you. (Video created by Tredegar Comprehensive School and Gwent Police.)

AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary
AT&T's Txtng & Drivng Campaign Urges Consumers That "It Can Wait". This documentary featuring families affected by texting while behind the wheel is being distributed to educators, government officials, safety organizations and public as part of a educational awareness campaign.

Bus Crash - Driver Texting While Driving Caught on Tape (Today Show)
San Antonio, Tx. Bus Driver Hits SUV While Texting on Highway.

Another video of above Bus Crash
This shows both cameras (driver & road) side-by-side to show exactly what the driver was doing. Note after the crash that the only thing he is concerned with is finding his phone. He doesn't even glance back at his disabled passengers to see if they're O.K. He not concerned about the drivers he's hit.  And, he doesn't even notice the dazed SUV driver who is now wondering around in traffic. His only concern is finding his phone - because he knows it is evidence against him!

Good luck and safe driving
getting to those fossil sites!
[Created 03/08/2011]
[Last Updated: 03/26/11]