The Pronghorn Diorama
(Secrets of the Dioramas at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science).
The Pronghorn diorama is in the "Edge of the Wild" Exhibition the 2nd Floor.  There's a ceramic elf hiding behind a bush - the only non-painted elf in the dioramas.  There's also a butterfly which moves his wings every 12 seconds.  This butterfly is one of only two moving objects in all of the museum's dioramas.

The ceramic elf is hiding behind a bush on the right side of the Pronghorn Diorama.
The bush is below and behind the running Pronghorn. 


The ceramic elf hiding behind a bush. This is the only 3-D elf. 
All others are painted in the diorama backgrounds.
(It's very difficult to see, or get a picture of, this elf!)


The moving butterfly is at left and in the foreground of the Pronghorn Diorama.


"Wings Down" & "Wings Up"
[Created: 5/13/2003]
[Last Updated: 5/15/2003]