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Welcome to the Manitou Invertebrate Project
This project is a web-based collaboration on invertebrate fossils of the Ordovician Manitou Formation of Colorado. The project includes trilobites, cystoids, brachiopods, gastropods, trace fossils, etc. Even conodonts are being studied.

I hope to encourage fossil collectors and enthusiasts of all kinds to contribute to the identification of fossils from Colorado's Manitou Formation. The latest research is based on partial specimens, but WIPS members and private collectors have many complete specimens. The most recent trilobite publication is the 1959 Journal of Paleontology – “Trilobites from the Peerless and Manitou Formations, Colorado” (Robert Berg & Reuben Ross, see Bibliography link).

Please compare your specimens to those shown on the Identification pages. If you have a new genus/species, a more complete specimen or a better preserved specimen, please submit a digital image of your specimen. If your fossil is included in the project, it will be posted on this site and you will be given credit for finding the specimen.

Identification - Go to the flowchart to identify your fossils. Be sure to click "See other morphotypes" on the Details screen.

Project Background - IMPORTANT information on the project. Details on stratigraphy, age, identification, descriptions, etc. Includes suggestions on image submittals.

Bibliography - List of related publications.

Quick Search - Find what you're looking for quickly. Try selecting Higher Taxon "Trilobite" to see all trilobites. Or, search for genus Kainella or Leiostegium, etc.

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