Trilobite collecting in Colorado Rockies
(Ordovician - Manitou Dolomite?)
The images and discussion here are from a Feb 2003 trip in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  The formation is believed to be the Manitou Dolomite (Ordovician).  Out of respect for fellow researchers and collectors in this area, the specific location is not revealed.

The following were discovered: trilobites (including exoskeletons from molting), cystoids, brachiopods, trace fossils, etc.  I wish I had better identifications on these fossils.  More will be added in the future.

Click HERE for all images from the trip.

Trilobite, possibly Leiostegium (Manitouella) ulrichi n.  subgen.
See Berg & Ross (1959), Plate 22, Fig 9.

Cystoid Stalk


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