Pa·leo·cur·rents Definition is run by myself, Steve Wagner, a paleontological volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS).   This site covers some projects and exhibits at DMNS.  However, is NOT affiliated with DMNS.  Click HERE to visit the official DMNS website.

Efforts at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Manitou Invertebrate Project
This project is devoted to the Ordovician Manitou Formation of Colorado and its trilobites, cystoids, brachiopods, gastropods, etc.  The PaleoCollaborator software is being used on this project to solicit digital specimens from other collections.  It also provides scientific descriptions of genus & species dating back to 1925.  Your digital submissions to the project will determine the success of this project.  Please Help!
Castle Rock Fossil Rainforest
Researchers at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science are uncovering a tropical rainforest in Castle Rock, Colorado that existed 64.1 million years ago.  Learn about the fossil rainforest, see pictures, meet the team, view the fossil morphotypes, etc.
Green River Fossil Excavation in Bonanza, UT
Collecting leaves and some insects in the Upper Parachute Member of the Green River Formation near Bonanza, Utah.  The purpose of this trip was to collect fossils for a new exhibit at the Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, Utah.  A second purpose was to obtain rare specimens for research and publication in 2003 by the DMNS.
Green River Fossil Excavation at Douglas Pass, CO
Field trips with the Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS) to the Eocene Upper Parachute Member of the Green River Formation at Douglas Pass, Colorado. 2005 Trip - July 2005
2004 Trip - June 30 - July 6, 2004
2003 Trip - July 3-5, 2003
Misc. Excavation Projects
  Plants of Cretaceous Laramie Formation at Northwest Parkway  (12/14/02)
  Fossil Plants from the Denver Basin, D1 Section  (4/23/03)
  "Fossil Posse" at DMNS  (12/11/02)
Paleontology Certification Program
The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers a unique and rewarding experience with their Paleontology Certification Program.
Field Trips with Paleontology Certification Program   (Updated 7/18/2003)
Learn more about the program with a look at its various field trips.
Fossil Plants of Foxridge
A local neighborhood water main project reveals Paleocene fossil plants. (05/31/2003)
Dinosaurs of Garden Park, Colorado
A collaborative effort between the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Western Interior Paleontological Society to excavate sauropod dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation.  This location includes the type localities for Allosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, Haplocanthosaurus, and Othnelia.  (08/25/2004)
Fossil Mammals in Caves of the Black Hills, South Dakota
Parker's Pit & Don's Gooseberry Pit, Quaternary (Holocene/Pleistocene).  A collaborative effort between the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Pennsylvania State's Earth & Mineral Sciences Museum and the Western Interior Paleontological Society.  (12/5/2004)

Other Topics in Paleontology
Free web-based application for collaboration between paleontologists.  (5/18/2006)
Fossil Preparation Tools & Techniques
Paleobond, air scribes & compressors, diamond saws, tile nippers & more.  (7/28/2005)
Trilobite Hunting in Colorado
A trip into the Colorado Rockies in search of trilobites. (3/11/2003)
Trilobite Hunting in Oklahoma
A trip to the Arbuckle Mtns of Oklahoma in search of trilobites. (3/24/2003)
McCoy, CO: Marine Invertebrates & Plants of the Minturn Formation
Brachiopods, crinoids, plants. (9/12/2005)
Fossils of the Mancos Shale Formation & Mesa Verde Group, Book Cliffs, UT
A trip to the Book Cliffs of Utah for invertebrates and fossil plants. (5/22/2003)
Fossils of Baculite Mesa, Pierre Shale, near Pueblo, CO
WIPS field trips to the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway for invertebrates.
2004 Trip (9/6/2004);2003 Trip (5/17/2003)
kremmling Kremmling, CO: Marine Invertebrates of Pierre Shale Formation
Ammonites, brachiopods, baculites, gastropods. (9/12/2005)
Peace River, Arcadia, FL: Marine & Land Fossils from the Miocene to Pliocene
Shark teeth, rays, pufferfish, barracuda.  Horse, glypodont, alligator, bird, turtle snake (Jan/Feb 2006)
(See also Tools for Fossil Hunting in Rivers, 7/11/2010.)
Fossil Plants - Parshall, Colorado
Fossil plants discovered at new locality. (Sept 2006)
Cretaceous Marine Fossils - Milliken Sandstone, Colorado
Cretaceous marine fossils of the Fox Hills Sandstone Formation, Milliken Sandstone Member. (Sept 2006)  Shark teeth, fish vertebrae, clams, ammonites, etc.
Fossil Plants - Granby, Colorado
Fossil plants discovered at new locality. (Sept 2006)
A Tour of Past Fossil Shows
Regardless of your position on these shows, take a tour of past shows to see some fascinating fossils and minerals.  Denver 2004, Denver 2003, Denver 2002, Tucson 2002
Fossil Show Controversy    (Updated 11/28/02)
A look at the debates surrounding commercial fossil excavations and public shows.
Mountain "Traffic Jams" 
The kind that are NOT always an unwanted delay!  (Sept 2009)

Museum Virtual Tours
Prehistoric Journey Tour (Denver Museum of Nature & Science)
Take a virtual tour of the Prehistoric Journey exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. (11/09/02)
Secrets of the Dioramas (Denver Museum of Nature & Science)
A pictorial guide to help you find the hidden elves and moving butterflies on your next visit to DMNS. (5/13/2003)
Dinosaur National Monument Tour
Take a virtual tour of the "Quarry" and "Tour of the Tilted Rocks" at Dinosaur National Monument.   (11/09/02)
Utah Field House of Natural History
Take a virtual tour of the OLD Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, Utah. An amazing new museum now exists in Vernal, but I haven't been there yet to update this page.(11/09/02)
Carson Nature Center on South Platte River
Take a virtual tour of the nature center in Littleton, Colorado  (3/11/2003)

Got Tools?
Need some tools for digging?  The well-known Gunther family at has many hard-to-find items at reasonable prices.
Recommended Paleo Books and Gadgets
Some paleo books, tools and gadgets you might find useful.
Phonecrophobia! Phonecrophobia! - the fear of being killed by someone who is texting.
A public-service announcement. You aren't that important! Hang up and drive!

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